New Track: Passion Pit - Take A Walk

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Passion Pit are back with new track "Take A Walk" from their upcoming sophomore LP Gossamer and it's bigger and better than anything previous.

The band's sound has definitely moved away from the bedroom/laptop vibe on Manners, a move that brings them closer to the likes of Metronomy than the previous comparison's with MGMT and other sound-a-like bands. 

Michael Angelakos' vocals sound remarkably like Ian Brown at times although nothing like at others but maybe that's just me. Certainly not a bad thing though. Overall, "Take A Walk" manages to concoct the same kind of feel-good happiness that was found on "Sleepyhead" and hopefully the band can hold onto that on Gossamer.

The album is set for release on July 4 and you can download "Take A Walk" as of tomorrow (May 8