Remix: SSION - My Love Grows (Free Download)

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One of last years more comedic tracks/videos has just had a remix by Teengirl Fantasy's Nick Wiess for the re-release of SSION's album, Bent.

"My Love Grows In The Dark" is outrageously tongue in cheek and has the pop edge to prove a huge success, if only it got the right exposure. If you aren't too sure what I'm talking about in regards to the song, here's a throwback to last years video. You will immediately understand and my god, check out his fila number! sa-weet!

Anyway, on to the remix and we've now been treat to an added edge taking the song away from the distinctly mainstream sound of the, above, original and if that isn't good enough, it's a free download.

Bent is due for a re-release on Dovecote Records, listen below.