New Music: Kitten - Cut It Out

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Wow it certainly doesn't feel like a year since we last spoke about LA band Kitten and their track "Chinatown". Well they're back with new track "Cut It Out" and mainstream success surely isn't far away.

I've chosen to take a strong stance with "Cut It Out", it would be too easy to pretend I hadn't heard it for fear of not fitting with any common style we focus on, but sometimes you have to give credit where it's due. "Cut It Off", in much the same way as "Chinatown" is what it says on the tin, solid gold indie pop, completely free of pretence and nothing but positive.

Front woman or should a say girl? No, front woman Chloe Chaidez is an absolute gem and I think it's fair to say, she's the glue holds the band together. Listen to "Cut It Out" below to see what I mean.

You can grab a copy of the single from iTunes and it will be featured on the band's Cut It Out EP which is set for release August 28.