New Album: Art Imperial - Cult Of Love

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Well well well, this one certainly crept up on us; off the back of his 2011 EP - Surf Suburban - Art Imperial is back with eight track LP, Cult of Love.

Just like last year it seems the timing of Art Imperial's release befits the summer something scary. Title track - "Cult of Love" - pangs of summer romance and if anything, the resultant heart break that ensues.

On the new album, Arthur says:
"CULT OF LOVE endeavours to do what all great break-up albums do: forge empathetic bonds with the listener that expose the universal feeling of heartbreak; to show, in answer to Al Green’s famous question, that above all else music remains the best cure to mend a broken heart."
Watch the video for "Cult of Love" below and 'name your price' for a copy of 50's beach nostalgia here.