Introducing: Smile - Clean Gloves, Dirty Hands

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When Lykke Li, Miike Snow & Peter Bjorn and John announced the launch of record label Ingrid, it excited a lot people and non so more than myself. Now we have the first release from the label, Smile's "Clean Gloves, Dirty Hands".

I'd love to be able to offer some information on Smile but theres zip all on them. One thing's for sure you could take a bet at they're a Swedish electronic act, no? Well you can have a guess when you listen below.

"Clean Gloves, Dirty Hands" is set to feature on Ingrid's first release; the 15 track compilation, Ingrid volume 1. Check the tracklisting of artists below, it sounds pretty special.

1. Lykke Li – Come Near
2. Hortlax Cobra – Berlin
3. MtheM – River
4. Coco Morier – Afterlie
5. Karlsson & Winnberg – Hearts Beating Weak (feat. Little Majorette)
6. Les Big Byrd – Streams of Unconsciousness (Tomassey 101 Skulls Versoin)
7. Smile – Clean Gloves, Dirty Hands
8. Andrew Wyatt – It Won’t Let You Go
9. The Chinamen – Two Klump
10. Yttling Jazz – Cuban Lips
11. Peter MorĂ©n – Say My Name
12. Little Majorette – Taken Back
13. Electrocute – My Tube Top
14. Max Von Sydow – Le Bateleur
15. Starlight Serenaders – Summer Drone