New Music: Dive - Geist

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Firstly an apology. It feels like all we do lately is post about Captured Tracks artists. But, in saying that, I'm fairly confident you'll forgive us upon hearing "Geist" - the new track from Beach Fossils spin off Dive.

If you've been following the progress of Zachary Cole Smith's band then you'll know how much we like them. So, if previous tracks like "Sometime" & "Human" didn't rope you in, then this superb display for Newtown radio should have done the trick.

Anyway, new track "Geist" is a quite simply a fully charged, sonic monster. Less nostalgic and slightly clearer than is predecessors, you still cant quite make out what Smith's reverb dipped lyrics actual are. But the echoing outpour sounds just great regardless. In fact, I don't even want to know what he's saying, I can quite easily make up my own lyrics and be happy to zone into the bands progressional, stratospheric realm. Absolutely amazing. My oh my, I do love this band.

Listen & download below, buy it on April 3rd over at Captured Tracks. The debut LP this summer is going to be a little special.