New Single: Deaf Club - Sunday

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This could easily be a "New Artist" post but moving on with the job in hand, Deaf Club are set to release new single, "Sunday" off the back of last years impressive 'Lull' EP.

The band formed in Wales but now reside in London (smart move) and their debut Lull was subject to a nice bit of praise. We're in 2012 now and they are looking to use that as a foundation to build upon and as followups go, they could do a lot worse than "Sunday".

It's another track that perfectly befits this time of year. It broods along from start to finish immersed in all those lovely layered guitars. Look past "Sundays" dark and melancholic outer coating and you're left with all the soothing elements needed to instill a feeling of positivity.

"Sunday" is due out on February 20 through White on White and limited cassette on Kissability.