Album Stream: Young Magic - Melt

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Out on Carpark RecordsMelt - the full length debut from Australian Young Magic - is now available to stream.

Listening back, the first thing that springs to mind is Tame Impala. I'll explain, the two aren't similar in any way other than their music giving me a sense of one with nature. That sounds ridiculous, I'll try again. Basically, Melt and Innerspeaker (Tame Impala) both seem to have taken inspiration from the elements, resulting in a very picturesque (if I can say that) and organic sound. Albeit Melt has more of a groove to it in comparison to Tame Impala's edge.

Anything out on Carpark is a safe bet anyway, you don't really require a review to tell you whether to listen or not. You should just listen. The album was released on February 14 and you can grab a copy on cassette, LP or CD at the Carpark Records store.