New Track: Tiny Victories - Lost Weekend

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We never normally do this, but when you speak about a track 9 months ago and then see it plastered all over the internet 9 months later, you wonder what's going on.

Below is a pull of our previous Tiny Victories introductory piece which we feel is a necessary read:

"I love New York! and I love Bandcamp! Where on god's earth do you find a band like Tiny Victories? ..oh yeah, New York and Bandcamp. 
With only two tracks available via their Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages, Tiny Victories have, if not the quantity, certainly got the quality.  
Tiny Victories are Greg Walters on Vocals, Samplers and Live Electronics and Cason Kelly on Drums, Vocals and Samplers. The duo are technically a Brooklyn band albeit via Athens/DC and class their sound as (according to their Facebook):  
"experimental electronics with earthy vocals, lush orchestration, elements of noise rock and live drums.  
"The band builds simple songs out of complex pieces, which they best describe as "experimental pop."" 
The band hit me in the same way Glowbug did back in December (2009). They make upbeat sprinklings of synth driven dance pop and their delivery couldn't be any more infectious. Listen to both tracks off the Mr Bones 7" below."

It's nice to see that the band are now getting the recognition they deserve! Listen to the new version of "Lost Weekend" from their upcoming Those Of Us Still Alive EP, out February.