Tracks: Grimes - Nightmusic

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(Photo by Gerald Deo)

Claire, Grimes, Boucher's new alum Visions is out January 31, we've already heard "Oblivion", now listen to a live version of "Nightmusic" recorded for

Grimes is already up there in respect of all the artists and bands who've brought music out this year, and with the anticipation for her upcoming LP in January, it looks like we're approaching another fun filled year with one of Montreal's finest.

Speaking to Grimes about Visions back in July, she told us: "It's the best work I've ever done (the only work I'm actually proud of and not embarrassed to show people)

Building on that, she also seems determined to improve as a live act too (she's pretty good to start with) she said: "Then I really want to hone my live show so that I can perform those songs, which will be difficult."

Watch the live performance for below.