New Material: Jonquil - It's My Part

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Jonquil, one of our favourite's from that busy Oxford lot called Blessing Force, have announced details of a new LP, Point of Go and a new track, "It's My Part".

Summer is here again! oh no actually were pretty on our way with winter but who gives a shit when you've got tracks like this new one to take you back to those summer months.

Point of Go will be their first LP as a 4 piece, but lets not forget last year/this year's outstanding EP, One Hundred Suns and still to this date one of my favourite tracks, "It Never Rains".

"It's My Part" pretty much carries on in the same vein as One Hundred Suns and if i'm honest, I'd like to think Point of Go will too. We'll just have to wait and see.

The album is set for a March 5 release through Blessing Force & Dovecote, check "It's My Part" and the tracklisting below.

1. Swells
2. Getaway
3. It's My Part
4. Point Of Go (Part 1)
5. Point Of Go (Part 2)
6. Run
7. This Innocent
8. Real Cold
10. History Of Headaches