New Artist: Pinemartin - Dont Let Me Be Denied

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Coming from the unlikely home of Derbyshire (Chesterfield to be precise), UK producer Pinemartin has a new track available today, which is followed up by a debut LP at the end of the month.

"Dont Let Me Be Denied" is a track that oozes retro-like disco magic. It's upbeat percussion and funky nature juxtapose fittingly with those long, drawn out synths.... People are going to dance to this, I can see it now. Lets not forget the nicely fitting vocals here too, perhaps they have helped Pinemartin to make his best music to date.

Debut LP 'If You Thought There Was Any Doubt' lands on November 28th over at the Pinemartin Bancamp page. Listen / download "Dont Let Me Be Denied below".

Don't Let Me Be Denied by Pinemarten