New Artist: Happy Hands Club - Lost At Sea

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Holy s**t! No Fear of Pop just dropped an absolute diamond! New band Happy Hands Club, have It. It being "Lost At Sea" and It being possibly one of the best mixes of styles I've heard this year.

The aforementioned NFOP put it well, Happy Hands Club sound like:
"something of a mixture between Wu Lyf, Craft Spells and, why not, a tiny touch of Gardens & Villa."
Quite literally my three favourite bands of the minute.  I nearly fell off my chair at around the half way mark of "Lost At Sea".

The first half of the track slow burns away - very fittingly for the picturesque winter morning I can see out of my window - only to explode into a huge cloud of positive energy and a thing of all round beauty. The perfect way to start a day.

No surprise then that, Happy Hands Club are Swedish. It seems the home of all good pop music has found another shining light.

Listen to "Lost at Sea" below along with their more uptempo debut single, "I'm not an Antidote". You can grab their new, self titled EP here or digitally, here.