New Video/Single: Dirty Beaches - Lone Runner

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"Lone Runner" was the first track to turn my head when it came to Dirty Beaches and now it has an official video.

His critically acclaimed debut album Badlands didn't quite do it for me. A controversial opinion I'm sure, but that's the beauty of music.

However, all in all and with every new artist over the last year or so taken into account, Dirty Beaches aka Alex Zhang Hungtai has got to posses the most raw passion and style out of the lot.

The two together can take an artist far, but paired with his sheer songwriting talent (some would say indecipherable lyrics) there's no wonder the world of convergent media are talking about him.

Check out his previous debut LP, Badlands and watch the video for, "Lone Runner", his next single due out October 18 via Suicide Squeese.