Tracks: Phantogram - Don't Move (Free Download)

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Our favourite hip-hop/trip-hop tinged electronic act, Phantogram, are back with "Don't Move" from their upcoming mini-LP Nightlife.

The duo are all set for a release of their new mini-LP. It's 6 tracks so I'd be inclined to call it an EP myself but everyone's different. Anyway, it's out on November 1 through Barsuk Records as was previous debut LP Eyelid Movies. Pre-order your copy here.

Josh Carter, one half of the duo, has said that the new EP (mini LP) feels as though it's a completion of Eyelid Movies. Something they wouldn't have been able to do without the touring that came with their debut.

Previously we brought you another track from the new EP, "16 Years", you can watch that here. Listen to "Don't Move" below and download it for free.