New Material: Crystal Stilts - Dark Eyes (Free Download)

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Crystal Stilts have revealed "Dark Eyes" as the first track to come from, Radiant Door, their speedy follow up to In Love With Oblivion.

We've recently been seeing a lot of acts polishing their previous scuzzy/lo-fi/fuzzy sound and Crystal Stilts are no different. They seem to have made a conscious effort to focus slightly more on clarity, (don't worry, not too much clarity)

Their press release for Radiant Door says:
"Opening track “Dark Eyes” may be their strongest song to date, unshackling them from their fuzzy reputation, which, even at its heaviest, could never obscure one from this bands dexterous song-craft."
After listening, we couldn't agree with that statement more, see for yourselves below. Radiant Door is out on November 15 through Sacred Bones.