New Video: Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans

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Lana Del Rey, you know? sings "Video Games"? that one we blatantly snubbed. Well shes got a new video for "Blue Jeans".

So what's different, why the interest now? Well, we can't like everything the Internet throws at us can we? we're not puppets and if a song sends us to sleep then why should we talk about it? Case closed and on with "Blue Jeans".

I'll give Lana Del Rey this, her two videos so far have been doused in so much nostalgia that it's like a desperate 15 year old on school disco night, using half a bottle of his dad's Old Spice. To me that's a good thing.

The music is more urgent and to the point than that of "Video Games" however it strikes the same chord. It's worth giving the track the time of day too, as 2 minutes 20 is where the track comes to life and the real passion from the song writing process is transferred into Lana's delivery.

The Double A Side Single "Video Games / Blue Jeans" is out as of October 16 through Strange Records. Watch the new video below.