New Music: Twin Shadow - Changes

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Twin Shadow is back with a new song today and it's a cover of 80's disco popster's Bagarre (Yeah I know, I thought he same thing)

Anyway, I think George has put it best himself on his website, so here's a lovely quote to get stuck into:
"Close to a year ago I discovered one of my favorite bands. Like most of my favorite bands I stumble on them accidentally while looking for old Dinosaur L stuff on youtube. The band was called Bagarre, some weird italo disco stuff with an asian/english singer, I was immediately drawn to a song called CIRCUS IS GONE and for fun the band started covering it while on tour. We were on our way out to play dates with Florence & The Machine in LA and I thought I would take two days with Twin Shadow keyboardist Wynne Bennett, to lock ourselves up in a studio, eat lots of good Mexican food and experiment with updating this great song. This is what we came up with."
"After working on the song I wanted someone with some pop chops to touch it, so we reached out to mixer Michael Brauer, who really took what we had done and instead of doing any major changes, just pumped life into it, and made it jump. They call it Circus Is Gone, I call it Changes."
Listen to the absolute stormer of a track below. Long live Twin Shadow.