Tracks: Class Actress - Weekend

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Class Actress has unveiled "Weekend", another synth pop gem from her upcoming LP, Rapprocher.

We last heard from Class Actress when she dropped "Keep You" back at the back end of June, it missed out on being graded CN due to the poor timing, too late for June Certified New Mixtape and too early in what was the scary good month of July.

As always Elizabeth Harper has that knack of making a track that urges you to get up and dance, and she manages it in the coolest of ways. "Weekend" is one of those songs that upon listening, with the most innocent of intentions,  it can make what was planned to be a quiet weekend, turn on it's head (I'm sure you all know what I mean)

Listen below to see, and pre-order Rapprocher here.

“Bring it on, Bring it on the weekend”