Introducing: Youthfall - Secular Child

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Like a bolt from the outer regiens of interstellar space, Youthfall appeared on just a few hours ago prompting a very hasty re-position from my tired, slumped position. I think the words were 'oh shit, this is good!' But I dont quite remember.

The brotherly London duo have recently put out the track "Secular Child", something ideally suited for late night listening. Its echoing, painstaking synths and trickling lo-fi outpour is just breathtaking, leaving you with no other choice but to listen again, and again and again. Why have we not stumbled upon this gem before I'm wondering? Just take heed in the fact that we're here now.

There are more audible treats over at the Youthfall bandcamp page, this way. Listen to "Secular Child" below and download for free while your still here.