New Material: Dominant Legs - Hoop Of Love

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Previous GIRLS guitarist, Ryan Lynch's new project, Dominant Legs are back on the scene with a new track and details of a debut LP.

Dominant Legs will release Invitation on September 27 through Lefse Records. Their last effort Young at Love and Life EP was a ray of sunshine and judging by this first track "Hoop Of Love", the bands full length will be no different.

Credit where credit's due though. Although Lynch is definitely the brains and name behind the band. Hannah Hunt's vocals complete the product and only serve as a booster to the bands already feel good and high on life sound.

Check Invitation's tracklisting below:

1. Take A Bow
2. Where We Trip The Light
3. Already Know That It’s Nice
4. Darling Girls
5. Hoop Of Love
6. Lady Is Sleek And So Petite
7. 2 New Thoughts About U
8. The One That You’re With
9. Calm Down
10. Make Time For The Boy
11. She Can Boss Me Around
12. Loving Now

Pre-order Invitation here. Listen to "Hoop Of Love" below.

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