New Material/Video: Alex Winston - Velvet Elvis

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Following on from her Sister Wife EP, Alex Winston is back with details of her next single and a new EP.

The next single will be "Velvet Elvis" and again it's going to prove an enticing test for all the closet Winston lovers.

The single will be released as part of a new Velvet Elvis EP which is due out on September 5. Surely we're going to see an LP anytime soon and most probably plays on mainstream radio too.

Alex always seems to use peculiar themes for her songs, previous we had sister wife, now we have this new song. The quote below will explain:

""Velvet Elvis" examines the notion of objectum sexuality: where people have fallen in love with objects(!), often humansing them – here’s a snippet of the lyrics – “Ma said I ain’t right / Clutching on you all night / But you’re my, you’re my guy / Elvis”…”.When I feel your velvet / I can’t help it / You don’t breathe / So you can’t leave me”."

We should have the new video in the coming weeks, stay tuned for that. Follow us on Facebook too as there's every chance it could be used as a 1FTP "facebook only post".

**Edit: We have the video. Watch below.