Introducing: Zulu Winter - Lets Move Back To Front

16:54:00 Wayne 0 Comments

In an age where good band names are few and far between, I think Zulu Winter is pretty solid. And with little else to go on at this moment of writing, that's about it for a descriptive intro.

So here we are, new track by a new band (East London I'm presuming?). "Lets Move Back To Front" has obvious inspirations straight from the off. The initial hit of the drums may have you checking you didn't miss a couple of letters and pressed play to Wild Beasts by mistake. Delicate guitars, and the high falsetto-like, yearning vocals are there too, albeit with a Southern twang attached.

As "Back To Front" reaches its zenith (approaching the three minute mark) I've already made sure I'm ready to press 'repeat' once again, you? It's early days, but the foundations are in place for something promising. And with more songs on the way, I've no doubt you'll want to stay with us. Listen below.