New Artist: Crush - Crush EP

19:19:00 Wayne 1 Comments

'New Artist:' isn't entirely suitable here, 'New Project:' perhaps reflects it better? Anyway, Crush is the solo venture of Beach Fossils drummer Tommy Gardner.

With their layers of retrospective guitars Beach Fossils have their trademark sound all but nailed, one only needs to check out the recent 'What A Pleasure' EP to see what we mean. With Crush Gardner doesn't fall far from his primary bands musical output. It's safe to say that if your a fan of the former than this will be like, erm, music to your ears (yes yes poor idiom).

From the short but sweet time we've played the seven track EP, standouts include the delicate heartbreaker "Too Tired To Fight" and the very Beach Fossil's esque "Wasted Days". Stream it in full below and head over to Bandcamp to give a reasonable $5 for the mp3's.


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