New Video: Is Tropical - The Greeks

14:03:00 Wayne 0 Comments

Fresh from turning heads at Kitsune's London party, Is Tropical are back with a truly awesome new video for their free download "The Greeks".

Shot be French creative's Megaforce (think Tame Impala's "Solitude Is Bliss" & that Cadbury advert where the clothes are dancing around), its like The Goonies Columbian spin off, with a very, very clever twist.

Here's a little quote from the press release:

"Don't get carried away by politics - this is a straight-up kid brawl the way it played out in your head when you were stealing your mums mascara to be like Arnie in Predator. It isn't a shocking rebuke to our drama queen, populist news culture either - just naive, blissful shoot-yr-mate until he's definitely dead war-games - the way you wish it still could be”.

"The Greeks" is released on May 30th as a single, and the bands album, Native To, is out via Kitsune / Co-op on June 13th. Look out for that. 

While we must give props to Megadeath for constructing a supremely unique video, we'd advise you don't let your little one watch it just yet. Other than that, check it out below...