New Music: Gwilym Gold - Flesh Freeze

12:13:00 Wayne 0 Comments

Who remembers Golden Silvers? Well, with the danceable, synth loving Londoners on an indefinite sabbatical, front man Gwilym Gold has gone it solo and today reveals his new material to the world, yet with one big fat twist.

In a revolutionary move (or coy marketing ploy, don't decide just yet, though) "Flesh Freeze" is not going to be released physically or via any other method, the actual format will be the song (for mac only at first, then windows in a few weeks) if that makes sense to you. Still following?

Here's a quote from NME reporter Laura Snapes to explain a little further:

"Together with producer Lexxx (Wild Beasts, Bj√∂rk) and a team of scientists from Goldsmiths University led by Dr Mick Grierson, Gwilym Gold invented Bronze, “a new format for recorded music, in which the recorded material is transfigured to producer a unique version on each listening."

(Cont) "At the heart of Bronze is an algorithm which takes the stems of a song and then generates infinite permutations of it by fluctuating around a waveform. In common speak, it always sounds different, performing the task of a DJ by remixing the song endlessly. Lexxx told us that the software is intelligent and will learn from itself, figuring out the most interesting, satisfying path through the waves. Essentially it performs for you, and according to Gwilym, the chances of winning the lottery versus the chances of hearing the same version of the song twice  "don’t even compare".

That's a lot to take in, and besides, what if I want to hear that version of the song that I like, you know, the one the captured the mood perfectly before?

Annnnnyway, for a limited time you can download "Flesh Freeze" here  (again, Mac desktop only for now). There is also a handy FAQ section which explains this better than I ever could.

Here's a live version from April, but be sure to download it to make a well informed decision.