Tracks: Dead Models - It's Not Love

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Just because a band is from Essex doesn't mean you should brush them aside the way you did/should have with their cheesy reality soap counterparts which will remain un-named.

Dead Models released their debut, Dead Models EP back in August last year. They are now set for their Debut LP release, It's Not Love in the summer.

And rightly so, their sound depicts summer. It's a poignant one that bares a resemblance in places to Beach Boys as well as The Beatles. Embodying those feel good summer vibes and the sun drenched positivity that we're all struck by come July/August.

I can understand the likes of Surfer Blood and Best Coast harnessing this kind of sound, due to their geographical location but the boys from Romford? All the more impressive.

Listen to Lead single "Rosy" and "Take Me In Your Arms" off the new album, It's Not Love. Enjoy..

EDIT** You can stream the new album here, and download it for FREE at the guys' bandcamp here