New Video: Germany Germany - Take Me Home

18:53:00 Wayne 2 Comments

After releasing "Take Your Time" & "Reflections" last month, Germany Germany give us another new track / video to mull over today

The track "Take Me Home" is heavier the previous 2 we've heard thus far, leaving behind the retrospective, melancholic feel still hitting all the rights spots, and some.

The forthcoming 17 track album Adventures which is available for pre-order on May 1st

Heres a little info on the video itself:

"This video is comprised of clips from Marsm├Ądchen, an independent film from Germany-based filmmaker Sophia Emmerich, featuring an almost-exclusively Germany Germany soundtrack. Marsm├Ądchen is Sophia's first full-length film and was filmed in Freiberg, Germany."

You can download "Take Me Home" when you hit this link.