New Release: COOLRUNNINGS - Dracula Is Only The Beginning

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Knoxville, Tennessee seems to have produced a real gem in COOLRUNNINGS. On April 5 the band released their debut LP Dracula Is Only The Beginning.

In all honesty I've ummed and ahhed over COOLRUNNINGS since hearing their duo of EPs back in August last year.

Sometimes you just need that one track to totally change your perspective on a band. Obviously I've found it because they've wound up on 1FTP.

The track in question is "Thunderbirds", I don't want to say too much on the track though, or I would be here all day and most likely you would be asleep.

What I will say is that the intro does it for me, from the first second it demands your attention and continues to do so throughout.

Check out "Thunderbirds" below along with another track from the album, "Chorus". You can buy the bands LP over at their bandcamp page as well as stream it.