Introducing: Headless Horsemen - Wavlngth

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There was a bit of a buzz about Headless Horsemen not too long ago and we totally forgot to post this, it's a good job we have friends.

As luck has it, someone we know dropped us a subtle hint (via email) of something Headless Horsemen related. Not all emails we get are useless, just about 90 percent. We'll leave you hanging on the details.

Headless Horsemen are Fareed Sajan and Conner O'Neill, they hail from New York via Allenstown, PA.The guys look set to have a gradually busier year as they're set for a variety of releases that we'll tell you about in due course. Keep an eye out, they're on the rise. This track "Wavlngth" is a summertime dream pop gem mixed with some seriously dark undertones. It all proves to be way too infectious. Watch the video below.

Headless Horseman // Wavlngth from Wooden Lens on Vimeo.

 Oh, and be sure to check out their bandcamp too!