New Artist: Family Portrait - The Other Side

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Underwater Peoples, home of Tennis and Ducktails, seem to have another gem on their hands in Family Portrait.

Family Portrait are Evan Brody, Ari Stern, Jonah Maurer, Michael Mimoun, Sawyer Carter Jacobs of Ridgewood, NJ.

On first listen I thought the band had considerably changed their style with their newer tracks sounding like a switch up from their demo tracks Glide Part One and Two. After a few more listens however it seems they're just gently honing their sound.

In short, if I were to compare them (just an opinion), they have a tint of GIRLS to their sound.

Anyway they have an LP out now, Family Portrait LP, it was co-produced with Julian Lynch. Go and buy it at the guys' bancamp page. Listen to "The Other Side" below.... Enjoy.

Family Portrait - Other Side