New Video: Therapies Son - Touching Down

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Therapies Son now have an official video for the affectionate track, "Touching Down".

I saw Therapies Son a fair bit back on Altered Zones and chose to sit on them for a while to see how they'd progress. Mistake!

Moving on, I recently received two private inbox messages on Facebook from unidentified sources. These messages contained Therapies Son videos, nothing more nothing less.

Luckily (I think) I'd been out on the pop this particular night and woke to the message (on the iPhone) still fairly intoxicated. Needless to say the track managed to catch my attention (don't ask why I thought to watch it in that state, but I did and it's a good job too)

Therapies Son is one man, Alex Jacob of Los Angeles, who is notably 19 years old. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Alex's blended style of psych-pop hitting a lot more sites over a short space of time, as the sound is just so infectious and refreshing for it to be ignored.