Tracks: The Strokes - You're So Right

13:36:00 Wayne 1 Comments

After giving us "Under Cover Of Darkness" The Strokes have track 2 available for us today

The track's a definite shift from the first single, which we brought you at the beginning of February. It's a darker, more electronic orientated number. From a personal standpoint, I think that a little diversity can only be a good thing. Listen below... 

The Strokes - You're So Right 

What do you think?

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  1. Hmm I'm not sure if I like the techno sound to this, feels like it all builds up to nothing. Under cover of darkness is a great comeback song this however fails to impress as much, I wonder if they'll release it as a single? At a Strokes gig I can't imagine this being the kind of stuff fans will go mad for.