New Music: UNKLE - Money and Run ft Nick Cave

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UNKLE are set to release a new EP and track "Money and Run" the guest vocals come in the shape of none other than Nick Cave.

In April, UNKLE will release the Only The Lonely EP, containing new tracks, featuring guest vocals from notably Nick Cave (notably UNKLE actually remixed Grinderman's "Hyper Worm Tamer" last year) and Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit.

Here's the EP tracklisting:

1. Money and Run (feat. Nick Cave)
2. The Dog Is Black (feat. Liela Moss)
3. Only The Lonely (dub)
4. Wash The Love Away (feat. Gavin Clark)
5. Sunday Song (feat. Rachel Fannan)

"Money and Run" is their first track from the EP, you can hear it below, Its a glorious mash of sound peaking upon Nick Cave's stand out vocals.

Pre-order Only The Lonely here.