Introducing: The Morose Project - Cocktail Dress

15:06:00 Wayne 0 Comments

As the seasons start to change there is just something about the sunshine (despite it only being 13 degrees at as I type) that makes even mediocre records sound good.

Fortunately for L.A collective The Morose Project, however, their debut EP is sounding pretty fantastic regardless.

I'll leave it to the groups bio to fill you in on the details:

"Morose is a concept band that consists of DJ's and a live band. By combining live instrumentation with progressive electronic minimalist beats;  Morose seeks to re-establish electronica as the prolific medium in progressive music"

The groups line up goes as follows: 
Samuel Barba - Vocals, Guitar
Eliott Montero - Bass, Synths, Producer, DJ
Adrian Tran - Guitar, DJ
Wesley Boothe - Percussionist, DJ
Tarek Nasr - Producer, Engineer,DJ. 

"Cocktail Dress" is a personal highlight from the self proclaimed 'seminal-wave' 4 track EP, yet we could have choose any to be quite honest. The groups minimal, laid back grooves were simply made for the forthcoming summer months.

Listen / download for free below. Enjoy...