New Single: Dom ft Cults - Bowl Cut

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What a collaboration this is.... two of this years most tipped newcomers on one track. Dom ft Cults - 'Bowl Cut'.

'Bowl Cut' was released as of today, via the record label Black Bell Records, an interesting point is that this is the record label that's ran by none other than Ayad Al Adhamy of Passion Pit fame. More news is that it will be released as a 7" on February 8th.

Here is a quote from Dom's Bandcamp:
"DOM and Ayad of Passion Pit met on Cinco de Mayo 2K10 at a show in Boston. They partied it down and decided to do a single together. A few months later Ayad, DOM and drummer Bobby were in a Brooklyn studio laying down tracks. DOM called up Madeline and Brian of Cults to come hang for the session. They recorded some vocals and group claps."
If you didn't check out Dom's 'Sun Bronzed Greek Gods' EP last year then you should do so now, its excellent may we add.

The new track features one of Columbia Records newest signings, Cults, and also one of our favourites at the moment too. Cults only help to add to Dom's already apparent sound. Listen below.