New Music: When Saints Go Machine - Fail Forever

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When Saints Go Machine for anyone who doesn't already know are, Silas Moldenhawer on drums, Jonas Kenton vocals and synth, Simon Muschinsky on keys and Nicholas Manuel Vonsild on vocals.

They're due to release their latest EP Fail Forever on January 31st through !K7 Records. Here's a nice quote from the !K7 site:
"Their new mini album is an avant-garde pop gem that sounds like Fever Ray meets ‘Missing’ by Everything But The Girl. Lead track ‘Fail Forever’ pitches lyrics that ache with existential angst against a gorgeous backdrop of electronics and mournful cellos. It sounds like a cooler Empire Of The Sun. 
"Frontman Nikolaj has a falsetto to die for - see ‘Pinned’, where it soars over arhythmic drums and swelling strings.‘Pick Up Your Tears And Run’, meanwhile, is an ethereal soundscape of intertwined voices and keys. All told, it’s stunning stuff."

"It sounds like a cooler Empire Of The Sun", God bless those Empire Of The Sun guys... I mean guy. On a serious note though, there's no comparison.

Have a listen to "Fail Forever" and if you like what you hear, head over to their Myspace for a tiny bit more.