Interview: Frankie & The Heartstrings

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2010 was quite a year for Sunderland's Frankie & The Heartstrings. And, as is the case with some bands, you cant say that they don't deserve to be where they are right now. Quite literally (well, social networking anyway) one of the most hard working bands in the biz.

With a new album around the corner (and a timely new video for 'Hunger' available today, keep reading) with throw some questions at front man Frankie Francis about working with Edwyn Collins, his native North East & touring in Asia. Read it in full below.

(1FTP) With the album almost upon us, how would you describe it as a complete piece of work?

(Frankie Francis) I'd describe it as 'unexpectedly uplifting and heartfelt with all your other favorite emotions been taking on a journey too.

(1FTP) Edwyn Collins is obviously a legend of a man, how pleased were you when he was confirmed to work on the record? And now its done, how did it go? 

(FF) It's gone amazingly well, we're still tweaking things but I'm so excited to hear i all back as one piece of work, Edwyn is obviously a massive influence on us so when we got a chance to work with him it was a dream come true, oh and now he's our best mate!

(1FTP) It's fair to say that the North East gets more than its fair share of bad press. How do you think growing up in the north east has affected your musical output, and you as people for that matter?
(FF) Frankie and the Heartstrings would never have excited if we didn't live and work in Sunderland , we are influenced equally by local bands like Field Music, The Futureheads and This Aint Vegas as we are bands like Orange Juice, Dexys and The Smiths.

(1FTP) As one of the most active bands on Twitter, how influential do think think social media has been throughout your progression?

FF) I think Twitter is great for up to the minute info from band to fan, and its great to be able to contact the people that like your music so easily. We love talking to people so get in touch ya'all!

(1FTP) I remember when a friend showed me this video of you playing, how have FATHS evolved since then? 

(FF) Yeah, I think we have, although this song hasn't much. Seeing us live now is a great experience and if you haven't seen us live yet, I fully recommend it.

(1FTP) Speaking of touring, how did the US & Japan take to you?

(FF) It was incredible, That was our first time out of the UK as a band so it was an unbelievable experience, I wrote a blog about it with some pics and vids on our website.

<(1FTP) Now that we're firmly in the new year, what were your best memories of 2010?

(FF) Phewwww loads, getting signed by Wichita, Glasto, Lattitude, working with Edwyn.....ALL OF IT!!

(1FTP) What's the plan for 2011, Pop Sex Ltd world domination perhaps?

(FF) Pretty much....and to do everything we did this year, but a millions times better....and that's good stuff!

(1FTP) Annnndd finally, F&THS currently recommends:

(FF) The Neat, Dutch UnclesGold Panda.

The bands debut album Hunger is released on February 21st, you can order your copy here.

Today, we also get the new video for 'Hunger'. With its ode to Blue Peter we could say its 'one they made earlier', but how cheesy would that be? 

Watch below...