New Video: Cassius - I Love You So

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Ok so here's a bit of "dance" music for you. Did you know? that the French house music pairing of Philippe Zdar & Hubert Blanc-Francart (Boombass) have been producing together for 15 years under moniker of 'Cassius', since 1988 actually.

Anyway they recently released an EP, 'The Rawkers EP' and we have stumbled upon a track which needs to have some recognition. The track in question is "I Love You So". The track is scarily hypnotic and if not careful you can lose yourself to a trance like state.

This is a very different track from the normal styles we tend to go with on 1FTP and we love it for that reason. Hopefully all of you who have a listen will open your mind to a different genre and agree with us. Enjoy.