Introducing: Colleen Green - Milo Goes to Compton

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OK, Colleen Green, not too much out there in terms of info, only perceptions made upon hearing Milo Goes to Compton' (an 8 song cassette).

These are the buzz words you will be hearing. We won't use any of them, except while we moan about over use of genre and "sounds like" terms:
  • "Lo-fi"
  • "Distorted"
  • "Dreamy"
  • "The Vaselines"
  • "The Ramones"
There's miles more but I'm bored, lets move on and talk about Colleen and most importantly, her music.

Previously Colleen released the EP, '4 Loko 2 Kayla', apparently this will be re-released on a 7" vinyl early next year. Art Fag Recordings who've worked with Best Coast in the past are hopefully going to have a new Colleen Green EP slated for release some time soon.

For now though, listen to 'Worhsip You' and a cover of Blink's 'M&M's'. Check out Colleen's blog here and MySpace, here.

Colleen Green - Worship You

Colleen Green - M & M's (Blink-182 cover)