The Klaxons are 5 years old

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British band The Klaxons have been with us for approximately 5 years now, members: Jamie Reynolds (bass, vocals) James Righton (keyboards, vocals) Simon Taylor-Davies (guitar) and Steffan Halperin (drummer). Forming in 2005 the band worked on "Gravity's Rainbow" their first album which was released on 29 March 2006 on Angular records.

The band injected a new sound into popular culture, being labelled as acid-rave, progressive, sci-fi punk-fun, Psychedelic and Pop.

It was not until January 2007 until they were certified mainstream, with their debut album finally reaching #2 in the charts. It was also in this year that the the band won the esteemed Mercury Music prize.

Gravitys Rainbow opened the door for other acts to follow: Late of the Pier and La Roux enjoyed similar success and critical acclaim. One can argue that their sound has been copied and reproduced and the once niche market they once inhabited is now a crowded one...

Take a moment to listen to some of the excellent catalogue...