Late Night Listening: Y La Bamba - Juniper

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Here we have the new video for 'Juniper' from Y La Bamba, it's brilliantly mellow and has an excellent calming effect. Y La Bamba are for anyone who doesn't know:

Luz Elena Mendoza, Ben Meyercord, Mike Kitson, Eric Schrepel, Sean Flinn, Paul Cameron and Scott Magee. They a very unique look, especially Mendoza.

Here is a good quote from Portland Mercury:

"The band continues to build up steam, maintaining its core strength in the voice and posturing of Mendoza. Her vocal lines swim out from a haze of guitars and dreamy percussion, often looping back into a cacophony that is eerie in effect but still somehow comforting, like the song that comes floating through in a fairy tale when the children are lost in the woods and just about to despair." - Portland Mercury

Their LP 'Lupon' was released on September 28th, to buy a copy click here. Watch the new video below.