Interview - The Joy Formidable

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Back in November of last year (2009) we wrote a short but sweet post on a new band by the name of The Joy Formidable. Now in October (2010) almost a year on, we have locked the guys down for a short but sweet interview. Coming straight off the back of a year including a tour with Editors, a tour with Passion Pit and extremely good performances at all major festivals (Glastonbury, Leeds / Reading Festival to name a few )

They are currently embarking on the NME Radar tour and have recently released a new video for their next single 'I Don't Want To See You Like This'. We would say they've had a pretty good year.

 Here is what they had to say...

(One For The People) I've always said that having music featured in adverts such as Apple (iPod, iPad...) and in your case a Skins trailer, is the ultimate for exposure. How do you feel having 'Austere' in a Skins ad went for you?

(The Joy Formidable) The programme was pro-active in supporting new music, so we were happy for them to use the track. We're discerning about how our music is used, but in the right context it's great seeing your tracks with a new visual.

(1FTP) Do you feel that female fronted bands are now starting to get a lot more appreciation than maybe what they would have in the past?

(TJF) Whether the band is male or female fronted is irrelevant, if anything I think the female card has been overplayed recently irrespective of talent or good song writing. It becomes a marketing ploy rather than allowing women in bands to be judged on their own merits.

(1FTP) How was touring with Passion Pit in the US, any stories?

(TJF) They are great guys and we've had the pleasure of touring with them many times. Ayad makes the best tequila cocktail known to mankind. This time last year we went to a Halloween Party in Southampton together, very happy but fuzzy memories.

(1FTP) After seeing you recently at Leeds Festival, it is fair to say your energy on stage is a little bit good, is this something you would like to be noted for as a band?

(TJF) We don't over analyze things. We love being onstage and we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be the best we can be.

"Whether the band is male or female fronted is irrelevant, if anything I think the female card has been overplayed recently- The Joy Formidable

(1FTP) I read the 'Austere' article by The Times, using bands such as Arcade Fire and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs to describe you, most bands draw comparisons but at the same time this article made a point of painting you in your own light and not to 'compare'. This must surely please you?

(TJF) We don't aspire to be anything other than ourselves.

(1FTP) Whats the future plans?

(TJF) We're excited about our new album that's out in January. We're touring non stop until the end of the year and we'll be anywhere and everywhere in 2011 playing the record.

(1FTP) Enough serious questions here's some light heated ones. Who are you currently listening to?

(TJF) Surferblood, Frightened Rabbit, Wilco & Peter Gabriel.

(1FTP) Finally, fill in the blanks for us.....

(TJF) The Joy Formidable are the mixed with formidable with a little bit of joy thrown in.

We'd like to thank Ritzy, Rhidian and Matt for their efforts in answering our questions. TJF have been working non-stop for a while now and will be continuing to do so into the new year. We're grateful for them putting up with our constant bugging and wish them every success in the future. We leave you with the video for 'I Don't Want To See You Like This'....