New Music: The Features - Temporary Blues

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First off, this isn't 'new' per say, but in terms of the amount of people who will have heard it I would say it is. The Features have been on our radar ever since the news broke of them signing to "Imprint". Imprint, being Kings of Leon's joint venture with Bug Music (The world's largest independent contemporary music publisher) I suspect that's news for many of the "biggest" and obviously newest (notice the lack of quote marks there) Kings Of Leon fan's. Bug Music CEO John Rudolph had this to say about KOL.
“The honesty in their music is what draws them to genuine artists. We are excited about developing new artists together as Bug Music continues to innovate and challenge the industry’s traditional thinking of a publisher.”
 Well, the less said about that quote the better, but I will say this, how brilliant is that new track 'Radioactive', the one where they use African children in an effort to look as giving as possible and appeal to their mass (watered down) audience. End of rant. On with the post....

After signing to Imprint they went on to release a debut LP 'Some Kind of Salvation' in July 2009, featuring the aforementioned 'Lions' and also the track we are going to bring you today, 'The Temporary Blues'. So far the band has only released a video for 'Lions' and being that it's now bordering on October 2010, I don't think we will see any more, unless the band embark on the all too often now "re-release", but in this case I don't see that happening.

The Features have been touring heavily and I suspect it's to build a firm fan base before a "massively" hyped new LP they have in store. Anyway if it's anything like this track, we are looking forward to it!