Feature: The Warehouse Project 2010 - Three To Watch

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The nights are starting to get darker, the weather even nippier, thus meaning the UK 2010 festival season is all but over. For the heavier clubber, the traditional Ibiza 'closing parties' are also sadly in close grasp. Its not all gloom though. For those that don't know in 2006 roundabout this time of year, a few people in rainy Madchester had a bright idea of doing some parties in an abandoned building, an old beer brewery in fact. Four years on these sell out parties are still held every weekend for 3 months, up until and including New Years Day, taking place under (yes, beneath) one of the UK's busiest train stations. Its called The Warehouse Project and boasts, without question, the broadest line up of top end old and new electronic acts and DJ's.

The launch weekend is almost upon us, however we're not going to bore you with the full list of headliners (click here to see that), instead, we've untangled three of the lesser known names who we're pretty fond of.

Dels (supporting Doom @ DOOMSDAY)

Spurred on as a teenager by John Peel and more recently helped with a hand off Joe from Hot Chip, Dels' 'Shapeshift' is possibly the best 'UK hip hop' track we've come across this year. The song, and video, are a quirky breath of fresh air; no rapping about bitches or guns here - & this is exactly what we like about it.

He's supporting the legendary MF Doom on a surprising, but special, Wednesday night slot.

Rumour has it some new material is on the cards...oh yeah, and he's signed to Ninja Tunes little buddy, Big Dada Recordings. Expect big things!


Tensnake (supporting SMD & Holy Ghost @ SMDs Delicatessen)

Pinpointed somewhere between an 80's track as showcased on The Business soundtrack, and a deep house collection, Tensnake have taken their unique approach in making a piano style anthem sound utterly perfect.

Quite simply, we love 'Coma Cat' & 'Something About You'. Perfect for the beach or the club.

Tensnake - Coma cat


Fenech Soler (supporting Delphic @ Acolyte)

If you don't catch this outfit at WHP, then no worries - they're about to embark on a UK tour of 30'ish spots in every area imaginable, which is all in aide of their new self titled album, dropping on 27th September.

Along side head liner's, Delphic, They'll also be sharing their WHP spot with Bestival mastermind Rob Da Bank & respective Foals/xx DJ sets.

Their re-release of 'Lies' has had a nice heavy re-jig in the form of Cheap Thrills head-honcho Herve (which is free, by the way) with big plays from NME and Zane Lowe recently.

Fenech-Soler - Lies