Interview: Pete & The Pirates

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Reading finest Pete & The Pirates are back in the studio working on a follow up to 2008's Little Death. Not familiar? Well you should be. Their unique style incorporates dark yet beautiful vocal harmonies with upbeat indie disco to magical effect. From anthems such as "Mr. Understanding" & "Come On Feet", to the more somber numbers such as "Eyes Like Tar" & "Humming". Each listen to the Pirates is engaging and refreshingly different. 

Last week we brought you a four track EP of unreleased demos (click her to listen). We're anxious to hear news about some forthcoming material, so we caught up with Jonny from the band to fill us in. Have a read....

(One For The People) Ola! Hows the recording coming along?

(PATP) It is going well, the record in general that is, we are off to the studio probably in a couple of weeks to get it all done and dusted. All the songs are great and ready and rocking. Although dates and names are both still undecided. I imagine we will probably release it in the early new year, although possibly sooner / later? We have had a great many different names suggested but nothing concrete yet, it's sort of something that I think will just come up one day and stick with all of us.

"I think we sort of put pressure on ourselves a lot, always striving to do something better than what we have done before. But more for ourselves than anyone else" - Jonny Sanders, Pete & The Pirates

(1FTP) As far as direction goes, can we expect the 'if it aint broke' approach?

(PATP) I suppose. I mean we haven't gone electro or anything but there is a definite difference from the first record. Its kind of impossible not to change and develop naturally over time so it will definitely be different and a progression of our previous record, but hopefully with the same sense of excitement and such like that the first record has.

(1FTP) Looking back, are you still proud of what you achieved with 'Little Death'?

(PATP) Yeah very proud. I think we are all quite self-critical and kind of constantly looking forward rather than back, so i think there are things we in retrospect could have done differently or whatever, but it sort of doesn't matter as that record was very much us at that time and i think it works really well. Also, we all had a great time doing that record and all the touring around it.

(1FTP) Is there more pressure this time around now people have high expectations for you?

(PATP) I suppose so, I think we sort of put pressure on ourselves alot, always striving to do something better than what we have done before. But more for ourselves than anyone else. I figure if we are really happy with the new record then hopefully chances are other people will agree. I think the aim is always to put something out that we are really happy with and proud of then if people kind of pick up on it and like it or not we at least would feel we have kept our side of the bargain.

(1FTP) To anyone reading this who isn't familiar with PATP, fill in the gaps for us...... 

Pete & The Pirates are pop bliss mixed with rock & roll with a little beauty thrown in.

(1FTP) Are there any other side projects going on besides Tap Tap?

(PATP) Yeah, we all have various projects which we work on, on our own and with friends and stuff. I think we all enjoy doing as many different things as possible but The Pirates is always the main thing and alot of stuff from the side projects sort of merges into being Pirates. There aren't really any lines drawn, like this is Tap Tap so Pirates can't do it or whatever, its more just whatever works really.

(1FTP) Current listening choice?

(PATP) ELO - Greatest Hits

And finally, PATP recommends: 

(PATP) Connan Mockasin

We'd like to say a big thank you to Jonny for his time and, of course, we'l be bringing you the new PATP material as & when its ready. In the meantime though, we'l leave you with some of the Pirates previous work.


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