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Formerly four but now a three piece outfit, Sam Johnston, Ollly Scanlon & Giles Robinson make up one of the most exciting, young British bands around. In 2009 they released the 'Matching Hearts / Similar Parts' EP, which showed just what potential lies within this trio.

Each track evokes raw energy & passion that makes Flashguns seem a whole lot more experienced than their tender twenty something years.

With their debut album recorded and with a number of new tour dates announced, we caught up with lead singer Sam to get a run down of whats in store for the band.

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(One For The People) So Sam, the album's done!? We followed the videos you put up from the studio and it seemed as though you were throughly enjoying yourselves. How did you find the whole experience?

(Sam Johnston) The whole thing was amazing. We had been building up to making this record for years now. Obviously with these sorts of things, there are always hiccups, so it ended up taking six months to finish. To be honest though I can’t complain, I would happily spend the rest of my life making albums.

(1FTP) What were your hopes and expectations for the album before hand? And now looking back, do you feel as though you achieved what you had initially hoped?

(SJ) We wanted to make a record that was full of great tunes, no screwing around, just straight up rock tunes making love to pop singles. We also are keen to prove that we are not a jangly indie band with the songs off the album. When we decided to record in the barn in Exmoor, we wanted to make sure we captured the atmosphere of the place, really allow it to inspire all of us. In our eyes we have nailed all of these goals and more, now it is down to everyone who will be listening….

"At 20, you have to face up to the fact that you’re not a kid anymore, I think this album says a lot about that" - Sam Johnston, Flashguns

(1FTP) What musical influences did you have in mind when approaching it?

(SJ) As I was saying we wanted to make a rock and roll album, so we immersed ourselves in that sort of stuff. Deftones, Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro etc. I wanted my guitars to sound bigger than ever, Giles wanted his drums to the same and so too with Olly on the bass. We wanted to create a really distinctive sound, very armospheric in a way that say Arcade Fire do. We also have been taking influence from a lot of American sounds like Band Of Horses, Kings Of Leon and Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers. Cool old school heartland stuff.

(1FTP) Musically, just how much have Flashguns matured over the past few years?

(SJ) Massively. People always seem surprised or dare I say annoyed when bands change, like they feel spited. But it’s just like anything one experiences as they grow up, certain things lose their appeal, certain things gain appeal. Flashguns with this record have recognised and become the band they want to be. At 20, you have to face up to the fact that you’re not a kid anymore, I think this album says a lot about that.

(1FTP) How do you feel working with Luke Smith has benefited you?

(SJ) Working with Luke a second time was amazing. He was the orchestrator of the barn sessions in Exmoor. We just spent two weeks having a blast and making some incredible sounds. After the process was finished, however, we felt that with all the things luke had taught us, be it about the formation of a song, attention to detail or the importance of simplicity, it deserved more time. We wanted to continue with Luke, but being in such hot demand it wasn’t possible. We continued work with Barney Barnicott on the production which has produced some of our proudest moments, but none of it would have happened was it not for Luke. I like to think of him as a kind of guardian angel to the whole record.

(1FTP) Are there any details you can give us at the minute? 

(SJ) The album will be called "Passions of a Different Kind" and It will be out before summer 2011. All of the material on the record is new, except for 'Racing Race', which we felt deserved a place on the list.

(1FTP) What are the hopes for the rest of 2010 & early 2011?

(SJ) Tour tour tour. Release album, tour Germany, make videos, win the fight. Be regulars in Grazia and Heat magazine and hook Olly up with a famous girlfriend to get us in the press.

(1FTP) And finally, Flashguns recommends:

A big thank you to Sam for his time. Click here to view the bands upcoming live dates in the UK and Germany. Also, be sure to stay with us for the bands new single, "Come & See The Lights", tentatively scheduled around mid October.

We'l leave you with a couple of our favorites. Enjoy....


Matching Hearts, Similar Parts EP

Click HERE to watch the video for the bands single "Passion Of A Different Kind"

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  1. amazing band - found myself at their single launch in Shoreditch and was mesmerised by their stage charisma, sound and passion for their craft. Wish them all the best for the future !