Suckers: New Music

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Whats this? An indie rock band from Brooklyn NY? surely not? I mean there's not many of them kicking about is there? Oh no, actually there's tons!

So what is going to set Suckers apart from the rest of the, what is becoming all too aparent, saturated 'Brooklyn NY' market? Well, one listen to Suckers and you will notice that the quality is certainly there, but is the individuality, that we have grown to love from the likes of MGMT and Yeasayer, amongst others? Well the answer to that is easy, listen to the streaming debut LP 'Wild Smile' yourself, who cares what I think anyway, its an opinion.









This LP 'Wild Smile' has been available for purchase now since June 8th, and Suckers accompanied this by touring alongside label mates and 1FTP favourites, Local Natives. Suckers are now due to perform some dates with Passion Pit and Tokyo Police Club, which is certainly not bad for exposure.

So far the band have released "It Gets Your Body Movin'" and "A Mind I Knew", their next single due out is "Black Sheep". Keep an eye out for the video on 1FTP, were expecting it any day now. Untill then, make sure to check it out on the stream, its a banger!

*Update: As promised....