New Single: Blood Red Shoes - Heartsink

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For what will now be their third (Official) release, off what 1forthepeople feel is a stand out album this year 'Fire Like This', Blood Red Shoes will bring us 'Heartsink'. The track is similar to the rest in being aggressive and edgy, this is a trait that works well for the pairing as they now have a niche in the market nobody else is occupying. Blood Red Shoes will be performing at festivals this year including Leeds/Reading Festival. There is no set date for the release yet, however the band are advertising for people to appear in their video.

"on july 6th we are shooting the video for our next single, HEARTSINK. we need a crowd to help us out. to qualify, please send a photo to: you must be over 16, free to come and shoot all day in london, and have something sentimental with you to BREAK (like a photo of yr ex, yr mum's favourite plates, ANYTHING that MEANS something to you to smash it to pieces).
brs x"

Listen to Heartsink here.