New Single: Frightened Rabbit

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It has been announced through FatCat Records (Their record Label....Obvious) that the band are to release a new single ‘Living In Colour’ on 14th June. This is what band member Scott Hutchinson had to say about it

“Its a well worn and classic chord progression that, although I have heard it a ton of times before, I really wanted to pin a Frightened Rabbit song onto. Grant decided that he'd not really done much of the unabashed '4 to the floor' type stomping, so we just went with what felt good, keeping the song uncomplicated. The sentiment itself is simple, kind of like 'I Feel Better' but without any of the self-doubt. It describes a new appreciation of the tiniest things in life, a rejuvenated sense of sight and sound, a general tingling of the nerve-endings, following a reasonably bleak time. I basically wanted to write a big rock song about finding joy in things again, something quite at odds with most of our back catalogue. In a sense, by treading this well-worn ground, we ended up with something new for us - which felt good.”

anyone who hasn't bought or sampled the album, Check the track out here, soon as a video is available we'll be straight on it.